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Requirement to study at Australian universities

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If you are non an English speakers and want to study in Australia, the UK or the USA, then you should prepare yourself with a mastery of English, not only eloquent, you also must be fluent in English writing.

Let's say that you want to study in Australian university, so you have to prepare yourself by learning English with a focus on the English for academic purposes. Say that you are a prospective student from Indonesia, East Timor, China, Europe, Thailand, African countries or any other country, then you must be prepared to take the IELTS test. This test required by the by universities in Australia. Test consists of reading, listening and writing. This test information can be seen on the site:

You can also see the requirement for study in Australia by visiting the consulate or embassy of Australia. Of course you can also discover the information by clicking on various official website of Australian universities. You definitely will get complete information about the requirements you must meet so that you can learn in one of the best universities in Australia.

If you are not quite mastered writing essays in English, then you need to deepen especially English for academic purposes. The course for this purpose must be in your city. You can also take an English course in English institution in Tasmania, Sydney, Melbourne and other cities in Australia, namely in English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS).

Like the TOEFL is a requirement to study at college or university in the United States, then there is a score that you must meet in accordance with department who would you choose to study in Australia. IELTS scores for different studied law with scores to college majoring in economics, engineering, medicine and other majors.

By following the IELTS course at a trusted institution in your town as well as in Australia, then you will be able to achieve a score according to the major of your dreams. 
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Your ability to speak in English for academic purposes is certainly more difficult than the English language for the purpose of conversation. Your ability to hear speech of lecturers, as well as when you have to write an essay and present a topic in class is very important your master, so that you can study in Australia successfully and you graduated or earned a master's degree from a reputable university in Australia.

That's why you need to explore the English language courses institution in your city. If necessary you can take an English course at a university in Australia. Usually universities in Australia has a language institute to facilitate prospective foreign students to learn English before they study in Australian university.