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Tips to get a scholarship for continuation study in USA

How to get scholarship from American college or universities?
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Do you want to continuing education to college or university? Perhaps you would like to find a scholarship for your child. Further study abroad can be taken with minimal funds if we receive financial support. The source can be various, either from institutions offering scholarships, universities and companies that we are headed partner who gives attention to education.

Therefore, do not be discouraged if you accept the word "rejected" on the specific scholarship selection committee. Try be accepted in universities courses that you are headed. The opportunity to get financial support is wide open.

On this occasion you can get tips or how to acquiring a graduate scholarship (bea siswa) in the United States. One of the ways so that we might get free study graduate in America is through financial aid (financial support) of the number of scholarships, such as Fulbright, ADB Bank, our workplaces, or other scholarship programs. In Indonesia or other countries, apparently favors a number of scholarships for specific disciplines so that students from other fields tend to be more difficult to obtain the scholarship. However, I still suggest trying to follow the scholarship program selection.

You can get scholarship from AMINE. AMINEF is the body in charge of Fulbright scholarships. Generally, scholarship or financial support of the university can be obtained through three categories, namely fellowships, graduate research assistant, and graduate teaching assistant. Fellowship is a highly competitive scholarship and pure competition. Meanwhile, the graduate research assistant or graduate teaching assistant is a position, where we are obliged to work as a research assistant or teaching to get pocket money (stipend) from college. The ins and outs of graduate research assistant has been discussed in a blog post this. One of the advantages if we got one of the financial support, we can be freed from the obligation to pay tuition fees, other school fees, and even the cost of health insurance. Thus, it might be argued that we could free school in America if given the financial support or scholarship.
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You can also look for scholarship opportunities from other agencies, such as the Ford Foundation or you are looking for information on the Cultural Center of the United States and the U.S. embassy.

There are several outcomes the application status if applying to American colleges. First, the status is the outcomes the best applications we received and got financial support. The next status is we received no financial support. Finally, the worst status is not acceptable in our universities. Status of application received without any financial support remains a good opportunity if you have the funds for study and living expenses for at least the first year. Furthermore, you should strive to excel in the first half in order to obtain fellowships, research assistant position, or teaching assistant positions in the next semester.

Maximize your standardized test

Try to obtain the value of the standardized test (TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, DAT, LSAT, or PCAT) is good. I'm just going to discuss about TOEFL and GRE course because I have not had experience in GMAT, MCAT, DAT, LSAT, and PCAT. If we apply to the engineering department, to increase the chances of obtaining financial support since the first half, we try to earn at least 600 TOEFL PBT equivalent to TOEFL IBT 100. If we apply to school business / economics, I suggest you to earn at least 640, or PBT TOEFL, IBT TOEFL minimum of 110. For additional information, friend - friends can have a greater opportunity to obtain financial support through teaching assistant position if it has a value in the TOEFL IBT speaking at least 25.

Every majors and universities in the United States have different standard priorities in evaluating score GRE. Generally, a higher priority engineering GRE quantitative score while majors literature score may be prioritize GRE verbal and analytical writing. If we apply to engineering majors, try to earn at least 780 GRE quantitative and verbal GRE at least 600. Reference score TOEFL and GRE which I mentioned earlier is very high so that we can confidently enroll in America's top universities if we have these score.

Establish good relationships with professors

The professors in American universities play a vital role in research activities and lectures. Every professor holding fund their research projects respectively. Generally, they work with a graduate student to do research there. Professor will act as mentors, while graduate student will perform lab activities and a variety of other research activities.

In return for his work, graduate student who served as a research assistant will receive financial support. Furthermore, the professors are usually also require teaching assistants to help them in college activities. Scholarships or financial support will also be given to the graduate student who became a teaching assistant. Thus, we must establish a relationship with a professor in times of registration so that we can earn financial support since the beginning of the term. Remember, if we are ignorant and do not ask for financial support at the professor is much less likely we are to get financial support.